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What is the difference between the four different packages?

Salesgenie is a subscription services with an annual commitment. There are 4 standard Salesgenie packages:

  1. Professional
  2. Team
  3. 360 Marketing
  4. Enterprise

All free trials of Salesgenie start with the full-featured Professional package. Each package builds on the next, adding features as you go, but including all of the features from the previous package. Salesgenie packages can include the following set of features:

  • Prospecting Tools
  • Lead Credits
  • Dedicated Training & Support
  • Business & Consumer Marketing Data
  • Sales Lead & List Tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Sales Management Tools
  • Advanced Analytics & Analysis

Prospecting Tools

  • Lead Statuses, Tags, Notes and Follow-ups
  • Mobile and iPad app
  • Additional prospecting tools are available for an additional charge:
    • Customer Data uploads
    • Profile and enhance Customer Data
    • Suppress Existing Customers when List Building
    • Unlimited Executive Emails from the U.S. Business database
    • Unlimited Phone Dialer Minutes for U.S. Businesses

Lead Credits: Starting with a set number (that you can increase), this allows you to print, download and export (or send to your CRM) Salesgenie data. Learn more about Lead Credits.

Dedicated Training and Support: Our experienced team of data-marketing experts are there as your needs grow with the packages. We have an experienced support team ready to help insure you have an excellent customer experience with Salesgenie and maximize its use. Learn more about Training & Support

World Class Marketing Databases - Get Unlimited Access

  • US Businesses
  • US New Businesses
  • US Consumers
  • Automobile Owners
  • US New Movers
  • US New Homeowners
  • Canadian Businesses
  • Canadian Consumers

Sales Lead & List Tools

  • Unlimited Searches and Views
  • Google Mapping
  • Print, Export and send to CRM
  • Expert Training & Support

Marketing Tools: These are available with every package, however the reporting and charges (learn more about marketing credits here) can change with the different packages.

These marketing tools include:

  • Phone Dialer (Calling Campaign) – U.S. Business Only: Uses Dialer Minutes
  • Direct Mail Campaign: Billed by campaign details
  • Email Campaign: Uses Email Credits
  • Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click: Billed by the campaign
  • Programmatic/Online Display Ads: Billed by the campaign

Included in the Team, 360 Marketing and Enterprise packages (but not included with the Professional package) are the following:

Sales Management Tools

  • Assign Leads to Team members
  • Enable prospecting by email, phone or direct mail
  • Unlimited Phone Dialer credits for Calling Campaigns
  • Track team member activity and progress
  • Track and measure success with custom analytics
  • Collaborate and connect to help manage your team

360 Marketing - Advanced Analytics / Analysis

  • Analyze and compare current customers and campaign responses
  • Segment existing customers to easily develop up-sell and cross-sell strategies
  • Append and Scrub Customer Data
  • Advanced Customer Profiling and Market Penetration reports comparing customer characteristics with prospect or market characteristics.  Gain insights to predict which segments are more or less likely to respond or convert
  • Advanced Customer Visualization Tools, turning customer and prospect data into charts, graphs and maps
  • Advanced tracking features to further segment and target customers and prospects, including auto-tagging.
  • Automate marketing tools with trigger-based campaigns

Enterprise Package

  • Predictive modeling and lead scoring among a range of analytical offerings that support the full sales and marketing lifecycle, including strategic planning and Return on Investment (ROI-based) marketing measurement.
  • API integration (Salesgenie Connect) to automate CRM integration, including some of the most popular third party applications like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Lead qualification (Data Axle) – real time integration and updating of both content and informational assets

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