The history of Salesgenie

For more than 45 years, our company has set the standard in compiling business and consumer data in order to help our clients grow. Salesgenie is a part of Infogroup, the industry-leading data, analytics, and marketing services provider that delivers best-in-class, data-driven, customer-centric technology solutions.

Infogroup started out of a garage full of telephone books with a $100 bank loan in 1972 to become a data marketing company pioneer, getting listed on the NASDAQ in 1992.  Between 1998 and 2008, Infogroup acquired some of the most prominent companies in the list/media services industry — Edith Roman Associates, Direct Media, Inc., Millard Group, Inc., Walter Karl, Catalog Vision, and Mokrynski Direct — absorbing decades of expertise and resources.

Under new ownership in 2008, Infogroup streamlined its acquisitions and began to move its legacy systems to a leading, real-time platform -- Data Axle. Salesgenie was launched to provide real-time access to Infogroup’s databases while integrating key data, marketing, and sales functions.

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