Using your 3 day free trial

If you are brand new to Salesgenie or working with databases, we highly recommend you try a walk-thru tour during your 3 Day Free trial.


You will be invited to choose one of three tour options:

  1. Build a Business List
  2. Build a Consumer List
  3. Profile a Customer

While the first two tours will explore building a list from either our Business or Consumer databases, the “Profile a Customer” tour will show you the basics of building an Ideal Customer Profile by finding an existing customer and cloning them to create a list. This tour will start by asking you to choose a Business or Consumer customer to clone.

Let the tours walk you through each step of the process. You’ll quickly get comfortable navigating Salesgenie’s wide range of options while using data to find and reach your next sale.

PRO TIPS: We recommend a few things to maximize your tour: 

  • Allow yourself 5-10 minutes to complete the tour and walk through each step

  • The tour is driven by pop-up windows, so looks for these as you proceed
  • Having at least a starting idea of the customers you want to reach and what kind of data characteristics they share, will help make the tool more meaningful and useful.

  • The mechanics of building a residential and business list are very similar, though the characteristics can be quite different. 

  • After building your first list, restart the tour and choose Marketing Tools to learn how to use your list to drive more sales

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