What does Salesgenie do?

Salesgenie can do a lot and its usage is best determined by your needs and processes. Here are its primary uses:

Build a list of potential customers (or leads) with data:  Every consumer and every business in our database could be a possible lead for your business. Select from hundreds of key characteristics in a nearly infinite number of variations to find the best possible customers unique to your business. Organize and save lists of these prospects or customers by your specific business needs. Download lists or use them to reach prospects or customers using our online marketing tools.

You can easily use existing customer data to model the characteristics of your best prospects and then find them with our cloning tools.  

Enrich and clean current customer list with the best data:  Hopefully your business is already starting with data, whether it’s a customer list or territory. Data can become stale if it’s not constantly maintained.

Using our Customer Data tool, upload your list into your account and append missing information from our databases. Add phone numbers and emails or choose from a number of other demographic and behavioral characteristics.

The Customer Data tool will also allow you to scrub your data for inaccurate or old information, replacing it with the cleanest -- or most accurate and up-to-date -- information from our databases.

Analyze and segment customer and lead data:  Salesgenie is a simple online tool that allows you to sort and analyze your customer list, lists of prospects, and combinations of both to gain valuable insights about your customers, and to break segments of your customers into specific groups or lists by saving specific searches.

Use the Summary tool to further analyze customer or prospect lists across with an overview of their key characteristics.

Inform all of your marketing decisions with data:  Marketing is most effective when it reaches the right audience. With the best segments identified and understood, you can efficiently plan all of your marketing choices, from traditional advertising to direct marketing to digital targeting. Better plan your marketing choices and get clearer insights on what works best with each type of customer by knowing as much as possible about your intended audiences.

Activate the most efficient marketing campaigns with DIY and team supported tools

Salesgenie seamlessly integrates some of the most targeted and affordable marketing tools, including:

  • Telemarketing: Our Dialer feature improves efficiency by leaving the dialing to us, so your team can focus on connecting with customers or prospects and drive sales. Available for the U.S. Businesses only.

  • Direct Mail: As one of the most established providers of direct mail lists, Salesgenie’s DIY direct mail platform allows you to design, print, and send professional, high quality direct mail campaigns right from your computer.

  • Email Marketing: Salesgenie’s DIY email platform allows you to use your own list, a purchased list or a rented list to build, send, and track email campaigns.

  • Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Online Advertising: Reach customers online as they research your product or service. We’ve been able to learn from our experience as a top Adwords advertiser to become an elite Google Premier Partner, helping thousands  of companies establish and manage their own Adwords campaigns. Contact your Database Consultant for more information. 

  • Online Display Ads (Banner Ads): Build sales with programmatic campaigns based on demographic and behavioral interests to reach and retarget with online display ads. Contact your Database Consultant for more information.

  • Email Communications Platform:  With your own list of customer emails, Salesgenie provides an extremely affordable, flexible and proven email management platform. You have access to all of the DIY design, implementing and tracking tools available in the marketing toolset to efficiently and affordably manage mass email communications with existing customers. 

  • Track marketing results:  Salesgenie offers a number of reporting and tracking tools to measure success. Detailed delivery reports track every aspect of your digital campaigns, from open rates and clicks on emails, to the highly granular reporting in digital advertising. 

Don’t worry, we’re there to help explain it all. Use lead status, custom tags, detailed notes, and follow-ups to track results and plan your next campaign.

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